The first thing visitors see as they walk through EdVenture’s front door is EDDIE®, the museum’s centerpiece and world's largest child. He is impossible to miss. A 40-foot, 17.5-ton, hands-on exhibit, EDDIE® is made of reinforced, molded plastic and is large enough for adults and children to climb in and through.

Explore EDDIE®

You can climb his vertebrae to his brain, crawl through his heart, bounce around inside his stomach and slide out his intestines. As a model of learning through immersion, EDDIE® allows children to use their gross motor skills to discover what’s inside their bodies. When crafting EDDIE® as the typical 10-year-old boy, educators wanted EdVenture’s ambassador to be representative of all the people of South Carolina. EDDIE® was created to represent the diversity of America in his physical appearance.


Like all of EdVenture’s exhibits, EDDIE® is a barrier-free exhibit for easy access and sits in the middle of the museum in his own atrium opposite the front door. There's nothing like him anywhere else in the world!

EDDIE® is now twice the size of the sculptures at the Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials in Washington, D.C. and weighs as much as the combined student bodies of Burton-Pack and Carver-Lyon Elementary Schools.