EdVenture staff proudly supports the mission of our institution: “to inspire children to experience the joy of learning.”

Leadership, Exhibits and Facilities

Karen S. Coltrane

President and Chief Executive Officer


Robert French

Exhibits Director


Clay Wooten

Exhibits Fabricator


Marty Shields

Exhibits Fabricator


Lauren Shenfeld

Director of Museum Experiences


Daniel Cummins

Maker Program Manager


Sarah Davis

Guest Experiences Lead


LaQuitta Atkins

Welcome Center Lead


Linwood Randle

Facilities Director


Ken Wozniak

Facilities Technician


Aaron Goodwin

Facilities Technician


Amaude Moultrie

Facilities Technician


Carla Cullum

Facilities Technician


Education, Development, and Museum Experiences

Nikki Williams

Executive Vice President of External Relations


Louis Fawcett

Senior Vice President of Principal Gifts


Caryn Little

Director of Development


Allison Whittle

Manager of External Relations


Sara Salley

Manager of Grants & Proposals


Arlin Jett

Development Associate


Marc Drews

Director of Education Programs and Partnerships


Dr. Kathie Williams, RN, DrPh

Director of Family and Community Health


Theresa Dozier

Sales Manager


Kenny Smith

Nutrition Coordinator


Brittani Lane, MAT

Director of Extended Learning


Bernardra J. Scott

Youth Services Coordinator


Kristin Steinfurth

Professional Learning Coordinator


Eric Freemon

Community Projects Educator


Jenni Routt

Community Health & Wellness Manager


Liz Como

Early Childhood Educator


Brittany Bing

Curriculum Specialist


Shimie Cayemitte

Future Leaders Educator


Wes Munn

Health Education Coordinator


Charner Boney

Museum Educator


Shimie Cayemitte

Future Leaders Educator


John Greene

Extended Learning Area Supervisor


Alexis Price-Davis

Extended Learning Area Supervisor


Tatayana Fulwiley

Education Associate


Kae Eppink

Guest Experience Associate

Kat LeeHong
Guest Experience Associate

Rupert Hudson
Guest Experience Associate

Tommy Huynh
Guest Experience Associate

Jenna Kessler
Guest Experience Associate


Julia Clark-Spohn
Guest Experience Associate


Grace Diepenbrok

AmeriCorps VISTA


Tony Scoggin

Fire and Life Safety Educator


Our Board of Trustees

Our board consists of 26 diligent men and women from across the Midlands.


Our Founders

Katherine Frankstone

Sue Oliver

Catherine Horne


K. Wayne Thornley

Executive Vice President of Brand Marketing


Kristy Barnes

Director of Marketing and Media Relations


Kerry Johnston

Director of Design and Technology


Sabrina Gandy

Special Events and Membership Coordinator



Leslie Weinrib

Vice President of Human Resources and Finance


Tasha Derrick

Finance Manager


Shannon Cunliffe

Human Resources Coordinator


Ebony Hall

Finance Associate


Aleksandra Kapustynska

Finance Associate