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EdVenture Columbia Summer Break Camp 2023:

June 5  - August 4 

Take a break from the ordinary and explore the Ed-traordinary! From igniting your culinary curiosities in EdVenture’s Cooking Lab to making a scientific discovery as a Bio-Investigator, to watching your favorite fairy tale characters come to life to teach you the math and science behind the story, there's endless fun for everyone at Camp EdVenture! Children ages 4-10 will experience fun-filled days bursting with educational activities and play! 

Camp EdVenture is open to the public and offers a variety of camps for campers ages 4–10. Fun, hands-on activities keep children busy, happy and learning all day long. Spaces are limited. EdVenture members receive a $30 discount for camps (applied at registration). All campers must be potty-trained (no pull-ups please).

Summer Break Camp

Week Two: June 12th – 16th

Ages 4-5: “Robotastic” (Engineering/Science)

  • Early engineers will love this robot-themed camp. Each day they will meet different robots, learn how they work, and discover what they do. They’ll create basic codes for their robot friends to follow, build obstacle courses for them to navigate, and discover a world full of possibilities and fun!

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Ages 6-7: “Artist Adventure” (Art/Maker)

  • This camp is perfect for the budding artist in your life. We’ll learn about different styles of art and the artists who made them famous. Campers will paint, sculpt, and create mosaics using new mediums. Bring your creativity and let’s create a masterpiece!

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Ages 8-10: “Global Gourmet” (Cooking)

  • Campers will eat their way around the world as they explore different cultures and regions in this interactive cooking camp. We’ll create delicious dishes that are sure to create a craving for learning!

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Week Three: June 19th – 23rd

Ages 4-5: “Read It & Eat It” (Cooking)

  • Budding chefs will explore the wonderful world of food through popular stories in children’s literature. We’ll read classic books and create a tasty treat based on the characters and adventures they go on. Campers will learn basic nutrition and strengthen their literacy skills in this treat of a camp!

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Ages 6-7: “Our Brilliant Body” (Engineering/Science)

  • Campers will journey through the incredible systems of the human body. We’ll explore the workings of the human brain, the superstructure of the skeleton, and how technology is used in medical science.

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Ages 8-10: “Page to Stage” (Art/Maker)

  • Campers will discover the magical world of theatre in this performance-based camp. We’ll learn how to create a set, design a costume, write powerful dialogue, and, of course, how to act with flair!

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Week Four: June 26th – 30th

Ages 4-5: “Early Artists” Art/Maker

  • Young artists will learn about different styles of art and the artists who used them. They’ll roll up their sleeves and paint, sculpt, and build colorful and exciting projects. Each day they’ll use a new medium that will spark their interest in what it takes to create a masterpiece!

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Ages 6-7: “Here We Grow” (Cooking)

  • From seed to sprout, our food goes on quite a journey before it ends up on our plates! Young botanists will learn how food is grown and how we use it to prepare tasty dishes. We’ll spend time in our garden, studying the life cycle of plants and using them in the meals we create in our cooking lab.

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Ages 8-10: “Robot Engineering” (Engineering/Science)

  • Join us for a radical robot adventure in this robotic engineering camp! Campers will face fun challenges like robot battles with Lego Mindstorms, colorful coding using Ozobots, and racing through obstacle courses with our Dash robots.

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Week Five: July 10th – 14th

Ages 4-5: “Claw & Paws” (Engineering/Science)

  • Put on your explorer hats because we're going on an adventure! From the chilly lands of the Arctic to the waterless expanse of the desert, we'll explore the amazing habitats of our beautiful planet and meet the incredible creatures who live there. Young explorers will build and create as they discover the amazing creatures who call Earth home.

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Ages 6-7: “Curtain Up” (Art/Maker)

  • In this creative camp, students will explore the wonderful world of theatre. From costume design to performance, campers will spend the week exploring all the elements it takes to put on a fantastic show by putting on a performance for family and friends at the end of the week!

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Ages 8-10: “Food as Medicine” (Cooking)

  • Food is an important part of our lives. It brings us together and nourishes us. In this cooking camp, we will explore how food helps our bodies grow strong and stay healthy. We’ll create meals filled with powerful superfoods, antioxidants, and lots of flavors!

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Week Six: July 17th – 21st

Ages 4-5: “Eating the Rainbow” (Cooking)

  • Food comes in a rainbow of colors. In this camp, we will discover how different colors of food help keep our bodies healthy and strong. We’ll eat our way through the rainbow and learn how to recreate these vibrant treats at home!

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Ages 6-7: “Animation Station” (Engineering/Science)


Ages 8-10: “Trash to Treasure” (Art/Maker)

  • In this camp, we will use overlooked items to construct magical creations. We’ll use everyday items to create something extraordinary out of the ordinary. We’ll have fun with rollercoasters, building design, and mini-golf… get ready to become a master maker!

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Week Seven: July 24th – 28th

Ages 4-5: “Color Science” (Art/Maker)

  • Early learners will use the magic of science to explore the incredible world of color. They will utilize scientific techniques to ask questions, perform experiments, and uncover how color brightens our lives. We’ll mix colors, bend light, and create rainbows!

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Ages 6-7: “Junior Chef” (Cooking)


Ages 8-10: “Biomechanics at Work” (Engineering/Science)

  • Young medics will explore the inner workings of the human body by learning how it works by exploring its incredible systems. We’ll take an up-close look at the components of blood, the functions of the brain, and how oxygen travels through our lungs. Campers will use microscopes, stethoscopes, and other medical tools, just like real medical heroes!

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Week Eight: July 31st – August 4th

Ages 4-5: “Master of Disaster” (Engineering/Science)

  • The world is a wonderful place but sometimes disaster strikes! We’ll investigate floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and more! Exploring how they happen and what we can do to stay safe. Campers will recreate their own versions of meteorological and geological events and make a plan… for disaster!

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6-7: “Exotic Ecosystems” (Art/Maker)

  • Put on your explorer hats, it’s time for an adventure! Earth is a host for many diverse plants and animals. We’ll travel to the Arctic, climb trees in the rainforest, trek across the desert, and learn about the awesome animals who call these places home. Campers will learn about the ecosystems of the world… across the sea and right outside their door!

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8-10: “The Science of Food” (Cooking)

  • Young chefs will learn the culinary science behind the foods they eat. From temperature to chemical reactions, they will combine a series of exciting ingredients to create their kitchen masterpiece. We’ll see just how tasty creativity can be!

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  • Non Members: $249 per child, per week.
  • EdVenture Members receive a 15% discount.


  • 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
    • Complimentary early drop-off begins at 7:30 AM. 
    • Extended Day from 3:00 PM - 5:30 PM is available for an additional $50 per week ($10 a day). 


  • Lunch is included in the camper's experience, Caregivers are responsible for sending 1 nut-free snack. If participating in early bird and/or extended care, please provide 2 nut-free snacks per camper.

Important Details:

Click here for a link to our Camp Survival Guide.


General Information

Things You Need to Know: 

  • Complimentary drop off is 7:30am daily. Campers accompanied by a parent/guardian should be dropped off using the front entrance of the museum. Pick-up is at 3pm (with proper ID). Extended day services are available from 3-5:30pm for an additional $10 per camper per day. Extended day pick up is at 5:30pm (with proper ID).
  • Food / Snack Policy:
    • For Spring Break Camp: Please provide a nut-free and non-perishable lunch and morning snack. We will provide an afternoon snack. 
    • For Summer Break Camp: Please provide a nut-free and non-perishable morning snack. We will provide a nut-free and non-perishable lunch and afternoon snack.
  • Vaccination Policy: EdVenture supports the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics in protecting all children who attend camp at EdVenture from vaccine preventable diseases.
  • Clothing:
    • For Spring Break Camp: Campers are required to wear closed toe shoes and comfortable, appropriate clothing. Camp t-shirts are not provided.
    • For Summer Camp: Campers are required to wear closed toe shoes. All registered summer campers will receive a Camp EdVenture t-shirt and are required to wear their t-shirt daily. Additional shirts are available for purchase.
  • We encourage campers to leave valuables (including all electronic devices) at home. Camp EdVenture will not be responsible for any lost or stolen items. If a camper does misplace any items during Camp, items will be placed in the lost and found at the Welcome Desk. We encourage parents/guardians to write the camper’s initials on jackets, backpacks and lunch boxes.
  • *Campers are limited to three consecutive weeks of camp.
  • *There may be fees associated with cancelling camp registrations. Please contact us to try and reschedule your booking before cancelling. 


Below are the EdVenture 2023 Lunch and Snack Menus.


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