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Monday - Sunday: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

We are closed on the following days: Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas


Members   -   Free

Children and Adults   -   $11.95

Seniors (age 62+)   -   $10.95

Military (with ID)   -   $10.95

Educator (with ID)   -   $10.95

Groups (15+ w/RSVP)   -   $8.50

Children under two    -   Free


Add EdVenture’s signature programming to your curriculum! On the first Friday of each month, we offer informal, experiential, hands-on education specialized for homeschool students. Come enjoy our programs in one of Columbia’s biggest and brightest classrooms. Perfect for ages 4-12, this programming gives your student a chance to experience EdVenture in a whole new way!

Enjoy EdVenture-led special activities on the first Friday of each month from 2:30-3:30pm. Homeschool groups receive a discounted rate; $8 per child with a free admission for one parent/guardian; $5 for each additional parent/guardian. Check-in begins at 1:30pm on the day of!

*Homeschool Fridays are not included in membership benefits. Members are still required to pay $8 per child


If you are looking to bring a large homeschool group to EdVenture (15+), see our Field Trips page!


Homeschool Fridays Programming and Schedule 2018-2019

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March 1, 2019

Theme: Color Explosion 

We live in a colorful world but there is more to color than what meets the eye? Dip into this brilliant palette as we paint with expanded knowledge behind what makes our world a most vibrant rainbow!

Age 4-5: Rainbow in a Jar

Using salt, one of nature’s wonder minerals, and chalk, students will make their very own rainbow in a jar, perfect for your budding interior designers!

Age 6-7: Color Color Everywhere

Colors are everywhere! From people and fruits to flowers and animals. Let's explore all the colors in the universe in this bright adventure!

Age 8-10: Vietnamese Spring Rolls

Cooking lab students will make their own colorful "Vietnamese Spring Rolls" with fresh fruits and vegetables. Students will discuss the health benefits of eating a diet containing an array of colors.

Age 11-12: Light it Up

Paint with light! We will use iPads and a variety of light sources to create colorful art from thin air... literally.

April 5, 2019

Theme: Superheroes Savy

Up, up, and away! EdVenture saves the day with its own brand of superhero savvy! We will use our STEAM Superpowers to keep the world safe for the next generation of resourceful rescuers!

Age 4-5: Be Your Own Hero

Let's make our own superhero costume and go save the world! We will use everyday items to create a cape, shield, cuffs, and a sword.

Age 6-7: Nature's Superpowers

Sure, Superman or Wonder Woman can pack a punch, but nothing overpowers Mother Nature and her cocktail of fury. Learn the cause of each natural disaster and build your very own Tornado!

Age 8-10: Hero Training

Superheroes always eat well and stay healthy and strong! We will discuss some superfoods and exercises to help us mimic our hero friends!

Age 11-12: Super Tasty Superfoods

Cooking lab students will explore a wide variety of superfoods! Students will make their own savory and sweet parmesan kale chip snack and a superfood smoothie.

May 3, 2019

Theme: Our Excellent Earth

The Earth takes care of us by providing shelter, air, and nutrients. Now it’s our turn to take care of the Earth. Come explore the most majestic planet in the solar system and let's be the Eco-Heros our planet deserves!

Age 4-5: Edible Earth

Cooking lab students will talk about where our food comes from and make their own fruit parfaits with fresh fruits.

Age 6-7: A Drop to Drink

Participate in a hands-on water experiment. Understand how precious water is for life on Earth and the simple things we can do every day to help protect it.

Age 8-10: Growing Garbage

Meet EdVenture’s favorite garbage expert and discover the importance of and process behind recycling.

Age 11-12: Preserving our Planet

Our Earth is very important. It takes care of us in a variety of ways. In this class we will study how we can improve our beautiful home ensuring it stays pristine for generations to come.


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Homeschool Friday FAQs:

How do I register for Homeschool Friday?

You may register online, via the link on our website under “Homeschool Friday”, or in person the day of the class. However, space is limited, so we recommend registering online early to ensure your students space.

Does enrollment in Homeschool Friday also include admission into the museum?

Yes! The $8 enrollment fee includes admission into EdVenture for a student and their guardian. It’s a great deal available only to participants in our homeschool program!

Are parents/guardians allowed to stay with their students during the class?

Parents and guardians are welcome to attend the class with their student but are not required to do so. If you are planning on leaving your student we will have a release form for you to fill out at sign-in.

How long is the class?

Our classes run for approximately 45min.

If I’ve already registered for a class but am unable to attend will I be able to receive a refund?

If you’d like to attend another class in the place of the one you are missing we can simply transfer your original payment or a full refund will be issued. Contact Kendal Turner, kturner(at)edventure.org, with questions concerning this issue.

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