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*Check back soon for DICED's event date!*

Is there a mini culinary mastermind living in your kitchen? EdVenture may have the perfect competition for them!

EdVenture is on the look-out for the most talented kid chefs around the Midlands for its new culinary program, DICED. The four-week long cooking course will feature healthy, locally sourced ingredients with a cook-off challenge in its 5th week.

During the final challenge, chefs will get the opportunity to show off their skills by creating three dishes in 30 minutes — using items found in a mystery basket. The winner and runner-up will get a grand prize to help them pursue a career in the culinary field.


Participant Requirements

Applicants must be ages 9-12 and available on for cooking classes and the final competition. They must also provide a video and written submission. A $25 entry fee is required, if selected. Scholarships are available if needed. 


Video submissions must answer the following questions:

  • Where you are from, how old you are and what your favorite dish to prepare is?
  • Why you think you have what it takes to be the "Diced" champion?
  • What are your strengths in the kitchen?
  • Where do you want culinary arts to take you in the future?


Written submission, which may be sent digitally or by mail, must provide these answers:

  • How long have you been cooking?
  • Who is your cooking influence?
  • How much time do you spend in the kitchen typically?
  • What’s the dish that inspired your love for cooking?
  • What advice would you give young chefs about the kitchen?


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