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Visit this kid-sized city to try on career hats like farmer, mechanic, firefighter, scientist or builder. See how even diverse careers share a common purpose: strengthening communities. In this kid-sized city, children learn to recognize and appreciate the diversity of jobs in South Carolina.

Dalmatian Station

Climb in our 24-foot fire truck and hit the lights and siren. Grab your gear, slide down the firehouse pole and crawl through an escape tunnel. It’s all about learning fire and life safety.

Little Spot Diner

Grab a stool and place your order, or get cooking behind the counter. There’s a line of little chefs preparing a big menu in this busy, kid-sized diner.

Home Safe Home

Most house fires can be prevented. Learn how in this 4-D multimedia experience that teaches fire prevention and how to react in home emergency situations.

Neighborhood Market

Bring home the bacon, apple pie and veggies! Clock in at the market and receive produce straight from the farm or work as a shelf stocker, shopper or cashier.

Busy Bee Farm

Hop right up on the big tractor and get those fields plowed. Try farming and fruit picking on for size. In our coop, the hens make eggs all day, every day!

Richland Library

Did you know there’s a library branch right here at EdVenture? It’s full of surprises like a fun puppet theatre, puzzles and books for kids of all ages. Check it out!

Auto Works

Pop the hood on car care with a real, full-size Chevy Spark Car. Practice your driving, climb to the top of Tire Mountain and learn about auto safety from Bill Nye the Science Guy.

Hours Monday - Sunday: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Members Free
Children and Adults $11.95
Seniors (age 62+) $10.95
Military (with ID) $10.95
Educator (with ID) $10.95
Groups (15+ w/RSVP) $8.50
Children under two Free