Hartsville Exhibits

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Come explore the excitement of EdVenture! Engaging, hands-on exhibits, programs and events will make you wonder how learning can be so much fun.

Carolina Pines Hospital/ Ambulance

Come interact with a life size Operation Game, see the inside of an actual ambulance, and check your friends in from the front desk. Become doctors, nurses and medical staff in this exhibit brought to you by Carolina Pines Hospital.

Grocery Store

Push your cart around and shop for produce, dairy, fruits and more. Place orders while your friends prepare the food in our made to order area, and when you are done scan your items on the interactive scanner to check out, and enjoy on the picnic table. 

SPC Credit Union Bank

Learn about making bank transactions, count money, turn the wheel of a vault door, and interact with wall games. Also- use our pneumatic air tubes to shoot items to your friends sitting in the car in the drive thru. Brought to you by SPC Credit Union.


Play with scarves and balls as they shoot through a maze of tubes powered by air and controlled by you. Put them in and watch them go, and catch them as they shoot out in to the air.


Come ride a rocket ship, motorcycle, giraffe, and more. Carousel runs on the hour everyday.

Sonoco Makers Space

Come learn about the importance of recycling. Learn what you can create out of recycled items, and why one person’s trash can be another’s treasure. Brought to you by Sonoco.

Rotary Club of Hartsville Performance Stage

Turn your imagination on. Come dance, sing, and dress in your favorite costume at our performance stage. Take a bow and receive standing ovations from your friends. Brought to you by Rotary Club of Hartsville.

Charles W. Coker and Elizabeth H. Coker Foundation Classroom

Come learn, enjoy programs, and birthday parties in this large space which can be closed off from the museum floor. Go to our website, or call for more details. Brought to you by Charles W. Coker and Elizabeth H. Coker Foundation.


Come enjoy some peace and quiet in our reading area. Cuddle up on our soft seating and choose from a variety of books.


3 and under can enjoy a space to themselves with mirrors, texture and soft play safely surrounded by a knee wall where parents can sit and enjoy watching the little ones play.

The Duke Energy Power Tower

Work together at 4 different stations to send the power of light up the tower. Stomp, pedal, drum and crank and watch the colors light up all the way to the globe at the top. Enjoy the color and music, and learn the value of teamwork. Brought to you by Duke Energy.

Delta Dental Exhibit

Calling all future dentists and orthodontists! Hartsville's newest dental exhibit features a real dentist chair with a check-in counter, and oversized mouth exhibit, perfect for practicing your oral hygiene routine! 

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