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EdVenture offers a variety of hands-on programs focused on enhancing school curriculum. Our standards-based field trips offer an exciting twist and springboard to your instruction.

Whether you bring your students for a field trip to the museum, or we bring our exceptional programming to you through Ed-To-Go, EdVenture Hartsville wants to help meet the educational needs of your students while sparking their imagination and sense of discovery. 

EdVenture educators  use inquiry, hands-on methods, and integration of content areas to ensure each SC standards-based program provides you and your students with an extraordinary learning experience.

General Information


First Steps: $4.00

Exploration Only (PreK-2): $4.00

Classroom Programs (PreK-2): $5.00

Additional Classes: $2.00

Programs We Offer

Early Childhood Programs (3K to 4K)

Classroom Programs (25 student max per 45 min session)

Gravity Painting
Subject: Physical Science, Art
SC Early Learning Standards: APL-4, HPD-5, CD-4, CD-5, MTE-6
Join us as we unlock an artist’s toolbox to discover the exciting world of art through science! Using beginner scientific principles, we will create works or art using magnets and the gravitational pull of the earth! Join us as we go full STEAM ahead to where science and art combine to create masterpieces for all to see.
*Due to drying time, art may need to be picked up at a later date.

Enchanted Engineers
Subject: Engineering, Physical Science, Maker
SC Early Learning Standards: APL-4, APL-6, APL-9, EDS-5, HPD-5, MTE-4, MTE-6, CD-10, CD-11
Think it. Design it. Make it! Inspired by the tale of the Three Billy Goats Gruff, students will dive into the world of engineering to solve different tasks facing the story's characters. They will build bridges, craft boats, and construct houses for the three goat brothers. These tiny tinkerers will even use basic coding in order to subdue the grumpy Troll! This hands-on program builds teamwork and problem-solving skills in addition to structures!

K – 2nd Grade Programs

Classroom Programs (25 student max per 45 min session)

Healthy Me Healthy You
Subject: Life Science
SC Standards: K.L.2, G-K.1, P-K.1, P-K.3, K-K.5, N-K.6, P-K.6, G-1.1, N-1.1, N-1.5, N-1.6, P-1.6, G-2.1, N-2.1, N-2.5, N-2.6, N-2.7
Meet STUFFEE, EdVenture’s health ambassador, who teaches students how to maintain the body – inside and out! Students learn about their digestive tract, how to find and take their pulse, how to keep their heart and lungs strong, and the importance of exercise and eating healthy. Students will have an opportunity to learn about proper dental hygiene when they meet our dental dragons, Williams and Brice, who will show STUFFEE how to properly brush her teeth. Satisfy your appetite for a healthy diet as you explore food groups and the MyPlate approach to nutritious eating.

A Child Around the World
Subject: Social Studies
SC Standards: K-1, K-4, 1-4.1, 1-4.2, 1-4.3, 2-4
Prepare for take-off as we embark on an EdVenture to many wondrous places around the world! Your students will experience life as children from different cultures. From chores, to school, to music and birthdays, kids around the world do many of the same things we do! To top it all off, they’ll get a passport full of stamps, to help remember their journey!

Weather You Like it or Not
Subject: Earth Science
SC Standards: Science K.E.3, K.E.3A, 1.E.3, 2.E.2, 2.E.2A
Weather happens every day, but how? Students will take on the role of meteorologists as they participate in interactive displays exploring the “three ingredients” of weather: temperature, precipitation, and air. They will discover how the weather changes throughout the year and how to stay safe when it turns severe. With plenty of instruments to help young scientists collect data and take readings, this class is sure to be a hit… no matter the season!

It’s Just a Phase
Subject: Physical Science
SC Standards: Science 2.P.3A
Solids and liquids and gases, oh my! With materials like dry ice and liquid nitrogen at your side, embark on a curious journey to discovery the properties and conditions of these three states of matter. Watch as our educators cause chemical reactions, shrivel balloons, and even flash freeze marshmallows for your students to try!

It All Adds Up!
Subject: Mathematics
SC Standards: Math K.ATO.4, K.ATO.5, K.ATO.6, K.MDA.3, 1.ATO.6, 1.ATO.9, 1.MDA.5, 1.MDA.6, 2.NBST.5, 2.ATO.1, 2.G.1, 2.G.3, 2.MDA.3, 2.MDA.10
Just how far can your math skills get you through this exciting program? Students will put their math knowledge to work solving real life problems, from measuring to geometry to even fractions. But teamwork is crucial as students race against the clock to solve as many puzzles as possible and rack up the highest team score!

Motion Commotion
Subject: Physical Science
SC Science Standards: 2.P.4
SC Mathematics standards: 2.MDA.3
Push, pull, force, motion, and gravity—this program explores it all! Discover the forces of the world in motion in this exciting program that will teach students about push vs. pull, mass vs. weight, gravity, friction, and inertia. Students will learn about these forces of motion as well as acceleration, deceleration, and velocity through catapult science, scooter races, and EdVenture's take on tug-of-war.


Find out everything you need to know about field trips at EdVenture!

What are the costs?

Please see the Cost tab for pricing details.

Do teachers or bus drivers have to pay?

Between Labor Day and Memorial Day, EdVenture offers classroom programs and/or self-guided tours at a discounted price. Teachers and bus drivers are free. All school and group pricing details can be found in the “Cost” tab.

For EdVenture self-guided visits, all members of the group are charged the group rate.

NOTE: Please contact EdVenture-Hartsville at 843-309-9149 for any group program and/or self-guided visit requests between Memorial Day & Labor Day.

How long does the field trip last?

Due to the size of the museum, field trips at EdVenture Hartsville are limited to approximately two (2) hours.Classroom programs are limited to two 45-minute sessions accommodating up to 30 students each session. Exploration time concludes once the final session is finished, or two hours have passed since your group was signed in. EdVenture Hartsville is open from 9 AM – 5 PM TuesdaySaturday, and 12 PM – 5 PM Sunday. EdVentureHartsville does not offer guided tours.

When are field trip programs offered?

Tuesdays through Fridays beginning at 9:30 AM. Group visits as self-guided exploration are available all week including weekends.

What do I have to do to guarantee my space?

A $60.00 non-refundable deposit is required within five (5) business days upon receipt of the booking confirmation letter from the School & Group Coordinator for all classroom programming. Your deposit will be credited toward the total program fees due.

How do I make reservations?

Please click the “Book a Trip” tab. Contact the Hartsville Manager, 843-309-9149, for further information

How far in advance should we schedule a group visit?

Group visits must be booked at least three (3) weeks in advance. We recommend booking at least a month in advance to ensure availability.

Does my group need a reservation?

Yes, for your group to secure the discounted group rates, you must submit a reservation request form and have your trip confirmed by the Hartsville Manager. Please note, reservations take 48 hours to 1 week to process.

When is the balance due?

It is preferred that final balance payments be made upon arrival on your visit date. This reduces the likelihood of over- or under-payments. We do understand that different organizations use different systems to process payments, such as purchase orders or invoices, and in these cases, payment can be made ahead of time with prior notice to the Hartsville Manager. EdVenture will provide refunds for overpayment within 30 days for amounts of $50.00 or greater. Any refund will be assessed a $25.00 administrative processing fee. Payment can be made by check, Visa, Discover, American Express or MasterCard.

How will I receive confirmation for my visit?

You will receive confirmation of your visit by emailupon initial booking. You will also receive an email reminder two weeks before your scheduled visit. Your confirmation will include your reservation number. Please confirm your group numbers with the Hartsville Manager ten (10) business days before your field trip date.

What is your cancellation policy?

Please contact the Hartsville Manager at 843-309-9149 for current cancellation policy information.

What are your drop-off/pickup policies?

Parking at EdVenture Hartsville is located adjacent to the museum. Bus drivers should allow students to disembark after parking. Students should be escorted by teachers and chaperones to the entrance of the museum. At visit end, teachers and chaperones will escort the students to the parking area.

Please notify the front desk staff 843-309-9149 if your group will be arriving late. Late arrival may result in shortened or cancelled programming. If programming is shortened or cancelled due to a late group arrival, no refund will be issued.

What is EdVenture’s Field Trip food policy?

EdVenture Hartsville does not have catering services. If your group would like to provide bagged lunches for students, we will allow use of the classroom as available. Please indicate your interest in bringing bagged lunches on the reservation form. The Hartsville Manager will follow up with you to discuss the possibility of on-site lunches, including classroom reset time and preparation, and indoor storage of your food.

Does EdVenture take their programming on the road?

Yes, Ed2Go, our outreach program, operates year-round but is subject to educator availability. Prices vary based on group size and program format, please see our Program Guide for more information. Visit our website to book your outreach program today!


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