Myrtle Beach Exhibits

EdVenture Myrtle Beach is excited to bring a one-of-a-kind educational experience to the historic former Air Force grounds of Myrtle Beach’s Market Common district. The museum facility will be specifically tailored towards introducing children to the thrilling fields of aviation and astronomy through hands-on exhibits incorporating science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) concepts, as well as aviation history and childhood skills development to nurture curiosity and spur interest in the aerospace careers that compose a significant percentage of the South Carolina workforce.


Exhibit concepts:

  • Interactive space ship climbing structure
  • Interactive “mission control” attached to above structure
  • Child size “house” with 60’s style interior, looping TV of moon landing, telescope interactive to view
  • moon, and landing sites (library)
  • 3 years and under designated area with hands on interactives
  • Maker’s “space” art area (airplane family tree courtesy of Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics)
  • Library to include child literature on flight, space, etc (in partnership with Chapin Library)
  • Beam- interactive floor projection
  • Coin Vortex
  • Airways tubes
  • Flight Simulator (in conjunction with Pittsburg Institute of Aeronautics)
  • An actual airplane engine with educational content
  • 2 model aircraft and real plan propeller
  • Educational and interactive wall graphics (explained below)
  • Graphic timeline of Myrtle Beach Airport founding and construction (courtesy of the MBA)

Detailed exhibit concept/ STEM information:

Exhibits will introduce children to the forces of flight—lift, gravity, thrust, and drag—through all exhibits including literature in the library, wall graphics, interactive experimentation with paper planes in Maker’s “Space”, and much more.

  • Children will be able to develop movement skills in a motion-control projection unit as well as in an interactive climbing structure resembling a moon lander, and space ship with attached “mission control” where they will enhance communication and teamwork abilities through remote contact with peers.
  • A 1960s-style house will replicate the era that bore the beginnings of space exploration, and inside kids will experience the thrill of the moon landing through recorded footage of the historical event. The house comes complete with a telescope through which guests can observe distant objects in the style of Galileo, Kepler, and modern-day astronomers.
  • A three-screen flight simulator will allow visitors to test their piloting skill and feel the sensation of controlling a modern passenger plane.
  • Younger visitors (2 and under) will have a designated area in which they can play safely with flight-themed elements as they develop skills critical to early childhood.
  • A coin vortex “gravity well” will introduce the concept of the centripetal force that holds our solar system together.
  • The building’s considerable wall space will be utilized with child-friendly and informative graphical content exploring everything from historical spacecraft, planets of the solar system, landmark missions and events that shaped our modern understanding of the universe, and even history of the airmen and aircraft that once lived and worked on the former Myrtle Beach Air Force Base.
  • Partnerships with Chapin Library, Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics, and the Myrtle Beach Airport

Through these exhibits, EdVenture Myrtle Beach aims to provide a spectacular, cohesive, educational experience wherein visitors and members can obtain knowledge spanning the farthest reaches of the universe to the very ground beneath their feet.

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