3 Year Olds Program Information

Below are EdVenture's current offerings for 2 year old learners. The programs are available for schools and other groups (i.e. camps, daycare, etc.) 


Classroom Programs

20 student max per 45 min session

Give Me a Beat!

Subject: Music
SC Early Learning Standards: AL1, AL5, PD1
Drum roll please! Students will discover the science of sound and become musical engineers. Students will experiment with sound waves through a series of hands-on activities. Using this knowledge, students will then get their creative gears turning by engineering their own musical instruments out of everyday objects to create their own unique sounds.

Tiny Tinkerers

Subject: Engineering, Physical Science, Maker
SC Early Learning Standards: AL4, AL3, SE2, M4, PD2
Think it. Design it. Make it! In this fun and interactive program, students will dive into the world of engineering! They will transform into mechanical engineers to create a car. Of course, you can’t build a car without taking it for a test drive. Wave your flag and rev your engines – Tiny Tinkerers is sure to be record-winning fun.

Chatter Splatter

Subject: Art
SC Early Learning Standards: AL1, SE3, PD2
Join us as we unlock an artist’s toolbox to discover the exciting world of art. Students will chatter about the color wheel, explore ways to create art beyond markers and crayons and splatter their creations into masterpieces for your classroom!

Little Sprouts

Subject: Life Science
SC Early Learning Standards: PD3, PD2, AL4
Give your plants the TLC they need to thrive! Come explore the world of plants as we discover what we can do to help them, as well as what they do to help us! Track the life cycle of a plant from seed to sprout, determine what plants need to survive, and find out how we rely on plants in our everyday lives. We’ll plant the seed, and your little botanists will grow to love flowers and plants as we dig in the dirt to discover their world.

Lab Programs (presented by Aflac)

Only at EdVenture
20 student max per 45 min session

Eating the Rainbow (Cooking Lab)

Subject: Health
SC Early Learning Standards: PD3, PD2, ELA6
Sometimes, it’s okay to play with your food! Eating the rainbow will inspire students to think more about creating a rainbow at mealtime and the benefits that each color brings in terms of health and wellness. Working and learning in our Cooking Lab, each student will create a healthy and colorful plate that reinforces the current government guidelines for healthy eating. Students will make parfaits out of yogurt, fresh fruit and nut-free granola.

Read It and Eat It (Cooking Lab)

Subject: Health and ELA
SC Health Standards: G-K.1.1, G-K.1.2, G-K.1.3, G-1.1.1, P-1.1.1 
In this exciting class, students will read a literary selection with a healthy eating message and then whip up a colorful, nutritious snack! Students will learn to make informed choices about food and how to create healthy eating habits early in life. By making a connection between some of their favorite book characters and a love of food, we will expand student’s palates first-hand!
Must choose an option: pizza, yogurt parfaits, DIY salad bowls or oatmeal cookies.

Highlighted Assembly Program

Literacy Alive!

Subject: ELA and Health
SC Early Learning Standards: ELA1
From the page to the stage, we will bring beloved classics to life. Choose from dozens of costume characters to come do special readings and activities at your school. With music, movement and more this couldn't be a more engaging way to connect your students to the written word. Contact us for available reading programs today!