5th Grade Program Information

Below are EdVenture's current offerings for 5th Grade learners. The programs are available for schools and other groups (i.e. camps, daycare)


Classroom Programs

30 student max per 45 min session

Burning Questions

Subject: Physical Science 
SC Standards: 5.P.2  (3.P.2, 4.S.1)
Understanding the basic elements of fire is very important! Students will watch what happens when fire burns, discover techniques that firefighters and adults can use to extinguish fires, and learn how heat and fire spread.  Educational specialists from the South Carolina Division of Fire and Life Safety, Office of State Fire Marshal will demonstrate the action and reaction of fire to everyday environmental elements.

DIY Science

Subject: Physical Science 
SC Standards: 5.S.1, 5.P.2 (2.S.1, 2.P.3, 3.S.1, 3.P.2) 
Learn how to be a scientist right in your very own home! Students will learn about the different changes in matter, states of matter, and how we can manipulate them with nothing more exotic than the items found in our very own kitchen! This hands-on program focuses on safe and unsafe chemicals, lab safety, mixtures, measurement and introducing students to different science tools. We’ll create foaming monsters, mini-explosions, a bubbling lava monster, and your very own alien boogers!

Earth ROCKS!

Subject: Earth Science 
SC Standards: (Science 1.S.1, 1.E4, 1.E4A, 1.E4A.1, 3.P.3, 3.P.3A, 3.S.1, 8,E.5, 8.E.5A, 8.E.5C) 
Students will explore all sorts of rocks, minerals and fossils. They will learn to identify the main types of rocks, classify minerals by physical properties and dig for gems and fossils.

It’s Just a Phase

Subject: Physical Science 
SC Standards: Science 5.P.2, 5.P.2A, (K.P.4, 2.P.3, 2.P.3A, 3.P.2, 3.P.2A, 7.P.2, 7.P.2B, 7.P.2A) 
This lesson teaches students about the three states of matter, their properties, and how phase changes occur! Students will observe experiments with dry ice and even get to try our very special “astronaut marshmallows” made by our EdVenture Educators with liquid nitrogen!

Magnificent Magnets

Subject: Physical Science 
SC Standards: Science (2.S.1, 2.P.3B, 3.S.1, 3.P.3B) 
This is a fun-packed, hands-on program that delves into magnetism magic. Students will play with super magnets, manipulate ferro-fluids and create electricity using magnets. Older students will build a simple electric motor.

Math Games

Subject: Mathematics 
SC Standards: Math 5.NSBT.2, 5.NSF.2, 5.NSF.8, 5.ATO.2, 5.MDA.1 (K.ATO.4, K.ATO.5, K.ATO.6, K.MDA.3, 1.ATO.6, 1.ATO.9, 1.MDA.5, 1.MDA.6, 2.NBST.5, 2.ATO.1, 2.G.1, 2.G.3, 2.MDA.3, 2.MDA.10, 3.NSBT.3,3.NSBT.4, 3.NSF.1, 3.NSF.2, 3.MDA.6, 4.ATO.2, 4.ATO.5, 4.G.3, 4.MDA.2, 4.MDA.7, 6.NS.1, 6.RP.2, 6.GM1, 6.GM.4, 7.NS.3, 7.NS.5, 7.RP.3, 7.EEI.3, 7.GM.6, 7.DSP.5, 8.NS.1, 8.EEI.5,8.GM.7, 8.GM.9)
Students will apply math concepts and use critical thinking to solve real life problems, fun physical challenges, and complex puzzles.  Through decision making, they will learn about time management and how their choices will impact the final score.

Motion Commotion

Subject: Physical Science 
SC Standards: Science 5.S.1, 5.P.5, 5.P.5A (2.S.1, 2.P.4, 2.P.4A) 
Students will explore the forces and laws of motion in this energetic game show. Through a series of physical challenges, like human bowling and the catapult catch, students will become engaged with the material like never before. 

Sound Off, Lights Up!

Subject: Physical Science 
SC Standards: (Science 1.P.2, 4.S.1, 4.P.4, 8.P.3, 8.P.3A) 
Investigate the world of mechanical and electromagnetic waves as students explore lasers, glockenspiels, lenses, and more! Students will learn the basics including frequency, wavelength, and amplitude. Then they’ll explore what properties control the pitch and volume of sound waves, as well as how different materials can cause the refraction and reflection of light waves. Students will create their own sights and sounds in this hands-on program.

Weather You Like it or Not

Subject: Earth Science 
SC Standards: (Science K.E.3, K.E.3A, 1.E.3, 2.E.2, 2.E.2A, 4.E.2, 4.E.2A, 4.E.2B, 4.E.3B, 6.E.2, 6.E.2A, 6.E.2B, 8.E.4, 8.E.4B) 
Students will understand how weather affects plants, animals and all human activities. They will explore a variety of meteorological instruments, have fun with vortex demonstrations, observe the water cycle and create a cloud in a bottle.

Zap! Electricity at Work

Subject: Physical Science 
SC Standards: (Science 3.S.1, 3.P.3, 3.P.3A)
What is electricity? How will our world be without it? Students will learn about the atomic model, the flow of electrons, types of electricity, circuits and how to be safe around electricity. They will participate in fun Van der Graaf demonstrations, create a human circuit, see how a magnetic field can generate electricity and observe a pickle being zapped.

Lab Programs

Only at EdVenture
24 student max per 45 min session

Botanical Investigators (BioInvestigations Lab)

Subject: Life Science
SC Standards: Science 5.S.1A (1.S.1,  1.L.5, 1.L.5A, 1.L.5B, 3.S.1A, 4.S.1A, 4.L.5A, 4.L.5B, 6.S.1A, 6.L.5B, 7.S.1A, 7.L.3A 8.S.1A, 8.E.6B)
Students will look closely at different kinds of plants in order to compare, contrast, and ultimately classify them.  This engaging hands-on activity encourages students to use dissection tools as they investigate flower anatomy. In addition, microscopes will be used to look at the plants cellular organization and see how they are different from animals.

Global Chef (Cooking Lab - presented by AFLAC)

Subject: Health, Physical Science
SC Standards: Health P-5.1.1, N-5.1.1, N-5.1.3 (Science 3-1.2, 3-1.3, 3-1.4 (2-1, 2-4 Health G-4.1.1, N-4.1.1, N-6.1.3, N-6.1.4, N-7.6.1)
Global Chef takes student on a culinary adventure around the world to explore different cuisines and cultures in the Cooking Lab. Students will prepare an exciting dish and learn where and how it is prepared traditionally.
Must choose an option: Greek Pitas, Chicken Tikka Masala, Sushi, Quesadillas or Thai Coconut Soup

Read It and Eat It (Cooking Lab - presented by AFLAC)

Subject: Health and ELA
SC Health Standards: (G-K.1.1, G-K.1.2, G-K.1.3, G-1.1.1, P-1.1.1)
In this exciting class, students will read a literary selection with a healthy eating message and then whip up a colorful, nutritious snack! Students will learn to make informed choices about food and how to create healthy eating habits early in life. By making a connection between some of their favorite book characters and a love of food, we will expand student’s palates first-hand!
Must choose an option: pizza, yogurt parfaits, DIY salad bowls or oatmeal cookies.

Root There It Is (Cooking Lab - presented by AFLAC)

Subject: Health 
SC Standards: (Health G-4.1.1, P-5.1.1, P-6.6.1, P-7.2.2, N-7.2.1)
From a bushel of wheat to a sandwich good enough to eat, join us as we trace our food from farm to fork. Students will have fun discovering where our food comes from and the many crops grown here in South Carolina. Using EDDIE®'s garden, we will make delicious treats from seasonal foods.

Highlighted Assembly Program

It's a Disaster!

Subject: Earth Science 
SC Standards: Science 5.E.3, 5.E.3A, 5.E.3B ( 3.E.4, 3.E.4B, 4.E.2B, 8.E.5, 8.E.5A, 8.E.5B) 
Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Tornadoes ... Oh my! Through larger than life demonstrations we will discuss the cause and effect of some of the biggest natural disasters Mother Earth can dish out. 
*This program can stand on its own or be partnered with Weather You Like it or Not or Earth ROCKS! to make the perfect storm!

It's Rocket Science

Subject: Physical Science 
SC Standards: (Science 6.P.3, 6.P.3A, 6.P.3B) 
Since the dawn of time, man has looked to the stars for inspiration. The early rockets of the Chinese, dreams of Jules Verne and trials faced by NASA are but a few stops on our journey through time as we look at the science which makes space flight possible. We will also take a glimpse at the future of where we are heading and how to get there. 
*Combine with Awesome Aeronautics to create the full flight experience.

Motion Commotion: The Game Show

Subject: Physical Science 
SC Standards: Science 5.P.5, 5.P.5A (2.P.4, 2.P.4A)
Students will explore the forces and laws of motion in this energetic game show. Through a series of physical challenges, like human bowling and the catapult catch, students will become engaged with the material like never before. 
*Great on its own or as a large group review when combined with our Motion Commotion Class.